The Department of Pediatrics of Sanya Maternity and Child Care Hospital is the key specialty of Sanya City and the clinical department the Hospital mainly develops. In recent years, through the continuous introduction of talents, technology and equipment and by actively strengthening the cooperation with Shanghai Children's Medical Center, the Department has continuously been improving its technical strength and professionalism, and has established scientific and standardized diagnosis and treatment solutions for each system of pediatrics. It is the key clinical department of the Hospital that integrates clinical, teaching and scientific research.

At present, it has 54 medical personnel, including 24 doctors and 43 nurses.The Pediatrics Clinic is located on the east side of the second floor of the Outpatient Department and it has a total of 18 consulting rooms such as asthma clinic, pulmonary function room, TCM-featured clinic, and expert clinic, etc. The waiting area is neat and spacious and can accommodate many children patients at the same time. In addition, the perfect online appointment process significantly saves children patients' visit time.

The Department currently has children's invasive ventilators (Drager C300, Drager C500, Drager Savina300 and MAQVEF-SERVO-i), Fisher & Paykel respiratory humidifiers, defibrillator, pulmonary function examination instruments, exhaled nitric oxide detectors, children's fiberoptic bronchoscopes, children's digestive endoscopes, brain function monitors, blood purification instruments, micro pumps, infusion pumps, ECG monitors, infrared therapeutic apparatuses, vibration sputum drainage instruments, atomizers, and other advanced instruments.

At present, the Department is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, frequent diseases and difficult and critical diseases in all systems of pediatrics.For respiratory system, the Department has two associate chief physicians and two attending physicians, who can carry out pulmonary function examination, fiberoptic bronchoscopy examination and treatment and have rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of bronchitis, childhood asthma, recurrent respiratory tract infection, chronic cough, various pneumonia and other diseases. Moreover, under the leadership of Professor Wang Xuefeng, a famous TCM expert, the TCM of pediatrics of the Department is greatly developed, and the external application of traditional Chinese medicine is used to treat bronchopneumonia, achieving obvious curative effect. This is also one of the characteristics of the children's breathing specialty in the Hospital. In addition, the TCM clinic also carries out children massage and Fujiu application. As for children's digestion, the Department is equipped with an associate chief physician and an attending physician, who have a skilled digestive endoscopy technique and has rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of children's digestive tract related diseases, such as chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal bleeding, digestive tract polyps, ulcerative colitis, HP infection, and Crohn's disease in children, etc. Therefore, they are in the favor of parents. In respect of intensive care, the Department is equipped with a chief physician and an associate chief physician, who routinely treat severe infections in various systems, multiple organ failure, various types of shock, poisoning and accidental injury, and major perioperative monitoring of pediatric surgery.

In recent years, the Department has actively participated in scientific research projects. At present, it participates in three scientific research projects. In detail, two of the projects participates in provincial evaluation, and one is in the evaluation of 'Gold Coconut Seeds' in the Hospital.

The Department will make contribution for the physical and mental health of children with quality medical services.

ConsultingTel.: 0898-88023912 (oupatients) 0898-88023956 (Inpatients)