The Child Health Care Department is a key specialty in Sanya, a unit of the Children's Health Specialty Union of the National Children's Medical Center, one of the hearing screening and diagnosis centers in Hainan Province, and the children's hearing, speech, intelligence, and mental (autism) disability identification unit of Sanya City.It is responsible for the technical guidance, training and supervision of the child care of Sanya and the health care management of all the care institutions in the city.There are many featured sub-specialties in the Department, such as children's growth and development, children's nutrition and feeding guidance, children's mental health, high-risk child management, children's ENT and hearing diagnosis center, and parent-child activity center, etc., to provide comprehensive and systematic health care and disease prevention and treatment services for children.

The Department has a professional and technical team with reasonable talent echelon and full of vitality.There are 19 medical personnel in the Department, including 2 chief physicians, 2 associate chief physicians, 4 attending physicians, 2 resident physicians, and 9 nurses for various types of evaluation and rehabilitation treatment.In recent years, the Department has completed 2 scientific research projects of Hainan Province and Sanya City, published 2 papers on core journals and 2 papers on statistical source journals, and won 1 third prize of the Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

The Department sets up Children's Psycho-behavioral Clinic, Parent-child Activity Center, Children's Growth and Development Clinic, Children's Nutrition and Feeding Clinic, High Risk Children Management Clinic, and Children's ENT Clinic.

The Children's Psycho-behavioral Clinic provides 3-in-1 services of assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for common developmental behavior problems and disorders in children and adolescents.The scope of diagnosis and treatment of the clinic includes children's mental retardation, language disorder, autism spectrum disorder, learning disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and common psychological and behavioral problems, such as fingernail biting, tantrum, and fit of rage, etc.Through a comprehensive and professional assessment of children, detailed treatment plans, including parental counseling, various forms of parental training, various targeted individual or group training, the clinic desires to achieve the goal of curing or relieving symptoms, helping children to better adapt to school and social life, and improving their quality of life.

The Parent-Child Activity Center is established with the brand-new modern health care concept. It is a specialty center that demonstrates and guides parents to promote the early development of children through health monitoring and development assessment and with the services characterized by the early development curriculum combining health care and education.In the form of appointed consultation, its services are characterized by the combination of health care and education. Namely, senior child health care experts are responsible for diagnosis with the assistance of clinically experienced medical and technical personnel; health files are established for members and one-to-one continuous follow-up health checkup and development monitoring are carried out.According to the development level of each child, full-time teachers will design the content of education and training and implement individualized education.It also provides practical parenting skills training courses for member parents.

The Children's Growth and Development Clinic carries out dynamic monitoring of children's growth and development, height promotion and weight management from infancy, in order todetect in time children's growth and development deviation and obstacle diseases, such as no catch-up growth of premature infants and small-for-date infants, short stature, obesity, abnormal sexual development and sexual precocity, thyroid and so on.  In addition, it carries on early intervention and early treatment to the children with growth development deviation and obstacles.

With dietary nutrition evaluation, dietary behavior assessment, children's nutrition and feeding guidance technology and child nutritional disease prevention and control technology, the Children's Nutrition and Feeding Clinic carries out scientific and reasonable feeding guidance, nutritional disease screening and comprehensive intervention to improve children's nutritional status and cultivate children's good eating habits.

The High Risk Children Management Clinic provides nutrition and feeding guidance and follow-up visits to infants with high-risk factors, establishes special management files for them, carries out brain injury screening, regularly carries out physical development, psychological development assessment, neuromotor examination and intervention treatment, and also promotes the early development of high-risk children.

The Children's ENT Clinic has perfect hearing screening and diagnosis equipment. From neonatal hearing screening, congenital hearing impairment to delayed hearing loss in children, from early detection, diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation of hearing impairment to hearing prevention, it provides comprehensive, professional and systematic quality audiology services for patients.

With the aim to focus on the growth and development of children and to promote their physical and mental health and under the work policy of 'focusing on health care, combining care and clinic application, being group-oriented and grass roots-oriented, and prevention first', the Child Health Care Department is dedicated to protecting the health of the vast number of children of Sanya City.

Tel. of Nurses Station ofChildren's Health Department: 0898-88023977