The Galactophore Department of Sanya Maternity and Child Care Hospital is the only special galactophore department in South of Hainan. It is the 'National Humanities and Compassion Department' and the second-level workstation of 'Gu's Surgery' of national traditional Chinese medicine academic inheritance office. It was approved as 'Sanya Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Inflammatory Disease' in 2019, and approved as 'Sanya Key Specialty' in 2020.The Galactophore Department team is composed of MDs and MMs with rich clinical experience and first-class professional skills and medical staff with bachelor of nursing.The team actively introduces domestic and foreign advanced prevention and treatment technologies, uses the clinical medicine model of 'combination of breast surgery and  orthopedic surgery technology', 'integration of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine', and 'emphasis on prevention and treatment' to comprehensively carry out the prevention and treatment of breast related diseases, and makes effort to build a center for the prevention and treatment of breast diseases with Chinese and Western medicines in Hainan.

The Galactophore Department has advanced imported ultrasound systems, imported digital mammography systems for breasts, imported intraoperative specimen camera systems, imported Mammotome minimally invasive vacuum rotary cutting systems, imported electronic fiberoptic ductoscopy systems, etc., which is well-equipped in professional equipment and skilled in clinical operations.

The Galactophore Department has self-made more than 10 TCM external medicines such as Jinhuang ointment, Chonghe ointment, Huiyang ointment, sesame oil golden powder, Caulis Mahoniae liquid, etc., and these medicines has been widely used in clinical diagnosis and treatment. The Galactophore Department has carried out electric ductoscopy for nipple discharge, cosmetic surgery and Mammotome minimally invasive surgery for high-risk multiple breast cancer, various mammary anaplasty, etc. The Galactophore Department has carried out standard radical mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, breast conserving surgery, breast reconstruction surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy and other systemic breast surgeries for various stages of breast cancer. The Galactophore Department has carried out standardized, individualized and precise treatments for breast cancer such as neoadjuvant chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy, biological targeted therapy and endocrine therapy.Special treatment in the Galactophore Department comprises traditional Chinese medicine differential treatment for various stages of breast cancer and prevention of cancer, especially thorough research on early prevention for puerperal mastitis, lactation mastitis, plasma cell mastitis, granulomatous mastitis, breast hyperplasia and precancerous lesions of breast cancer with traditional Chinese medicine and psychotherapy.

Philosophy of Galactophore Department: Great Medical Great Faith, Caring for Breasts

Breast ward: 17th floor of Inpatient Department. Hotline: 0898-88023938

Breast Clinic: 4th floor of outpatient building, Hotline: 0898-88023962