Founded in 2009, the Stomatology Department is one of the key featured specialties the Hospital mainly develops.The main service items of the Department include oral preventive health care, oral treatment for children, and oral health counseling. It is also responsible for the oral examination for the children's admission health checkup of the nurseries and kindergartens in Sanya and the children's oral health care projects mainly supported and promoted by the State.

The Department has the spacious and bright independent outpatient consultation area and 3 personnel at present. All the personnel are undergraduates and above majoring in stomatology and have solid theory foundation and proficient skills due to specialized standardized training.  The Department also has advanced and fully-functional dental comprehensive treatment chair, portable dental chair, electric thermostat incubator, ultrasonic tooth cleaning machine, light curing instrument and oral and maxillofacial curved body layer X-ray machine. In addition, each consulting room is equipped with air sterilizer to ensure the safety of patients.

Children's oral prevention and health care is a sub-specialty of the Department. In particular, the detection of caries susceptibility is a new item of the Department, which has strong guiding significance for the prevention of dental caries in children.The Department also carries out the treatment of various oral problems in children, such as toothache, dental caries (decayed teeth), pulpitis, periapical periodontitis, apical fistula, extraction of various deciduous teeth, and tongue band repair in infants, etc.

In recent years, the Department has been undertaking the national oral health care projects for children: fluoride application and pit and fissure sealing closure to prevent dental caries for the children at school age. Due to the remarkable effect of the project, the Department is deeply welcomed.Our staff members also often carry out oral health care education in kindergartens, schools, communities, and in the Hospital and makes efforts passing the idea of 'prevention first for oral care', hoping that children no longer suffer from oral diseases and protecting the oral health of the majority of children!

Address of Stomatology Clinic: 5/F, Medical Complex

Consulting Tel. of Stomatology Clinic: 0898-88023919