The Department of Ultrasonic Medicine is an important specialized department recognized by Sanya Municipal Health Commission and the auxiliary department strongly supported by the Hospital. It is also the prenatal ultrasound medical screening and diagnosis center of Sanya.The Department is responsible for the ultrasonic medical diagnosis and consultation in the surrounding area of Sanya and the South of Hainan. It examines over 10,000 patients per month, among which, the number of the patients undergoing the ultrasound diagnosis of obstetrics and gynecology, especially the prenatal ultrasound medical diagnosis, is leading in the province.

At present, the Department has 13 sets of world's leading ultrasonic diagnosis equipment.These include the US universal color Doppler ultrasonic diagnosis instruments GE-E10, GE-E9 & GE-E8, Toshiba color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instruments Aplio-400 & Aplio-500, Philips color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument EPIQ7, French Supersonic color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, Toshiba ViamoSSA-640A and the US universal GE portable color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instruments.

The characteristic and leading technologies of the Department include: the ultrasonic medical service of obstetrics and gynecology, and the integrated prepregnancy, antenatal and postpartum ultrasonic   diagnosis and treatment serving reproductive health.The Department standardizes prenatal ultrasound, early pregnancy (11-13 weeks of pregnancy) chromosomal abnormality screening, fetal echocardiography, high-risk pregnancy ultrasound testing, child developmental hip dysplasia and complex congenital heart disease diagnosis.In addition, the Department also carries out transvaginal ultrasound examination, abdominal ultrasound examination, superficial organ examination, vascular ultrasound examination, and cooperates with clinical departments to carry out ultrasound-guided umbilical vein puncture for umbilical blood examination, ultrasound-guided amniotic sac puncture for amniotic fluid examination and other interventional examinations.It can carry out a variety of ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment items, covering obstetrics, abdomen, urinary, pediatric head and skull, cardiovascular and fetal ultrasound medical diagnosis and many other specialties.Its daily average inspection volume reaches more than 400 person-times.

The Department is characterized by reasonable layout, spacious rooms, complete facilities, quiet, comfortable and pleasant environment and is a good place for disease checkup and diagnosis.To facilitate patients to see doctors, the Department provides various convenient appointment channels such as on-site appointment, and appointment through official website, WeChat public account, Health Sanya APP, and Hainan Smart APP, etc., as much as possible to shorten the waiting time of patients. In addition, we also provide a green channel for high-risk pregnant women and the pregnant women referred from other hospitals with complicated diseases according to prenatal ultrasound examination results.

It is our consistent aim to guard your health, ensure your happiness, and provide you with quality clinical services.

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