The Department of Radiology is a key department in Sanya and the key discipline of the radiologic imaging center of the Hospital. It has 13 employees, all of whom have bachelor degree and 2 of whom have senior titles. It is provided with Ingenia 3.0T large-aperture panoramic AE system MRI, GE Discovery New Gemstone CT, PHILIPS suspension double-plate DR digital camera, Hologic Inc. digital mammary gland 3D camera, Shimadzu high-end digital gastrointestinal camera and other high-end advanced medical equipment. It carries out digital photography (DR) of all parts of the body, CT, MR and routine examination of all parts, especially in maternal and child imaging, such as DR of whole spine and whole lower limbs in children, urinary bladder urethral angiography under-pressure VCUG, digestive tract barium double angiography for children, CT three-dimensional reconstruction of all parts, simulated endoscopic airway and intestinal imaging, high resolution temporal ear CT and ossicular chain reconstruction, high-field fetal prenatal MR examination, placental MR examination, and breast molybdenum target 2D/3D photographic examination items, etc.The Department provides clear images, fast imaging, and accurate diagnosis. All staff members treat each examinee with sincerity, love, patience, and responsibility. The Department tries to create the emergency green examination channel and the idea of green examination and health service.

Address: 339 Yingbin Road, Jiyang District, Sanya

Consulting Tel.: 0898-88023903