The Department of Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical technical service department that focuses on patients and are based on clinical pharmacy, effectively organizes, implements and manages the whole process of clinical medication and promotes scientific and rational clinical medication.

The Department has Outpatient and Emergency Pharmacy, Ward Pharmacy, Drug Storeroom, and Clinical Pharmacy, etc. Now, it has 18 pharmaceutical technical personnel, including 1 associate chief pharmacist, 3 pharmacist in-charge,11 pharmacists and 1 assistant pharmacist. This is a team of pharmacists with high professional quality and qualification.

The Department is responsible for the prescription audit of the whole hospital and the accurate deployment and distribution of drugs.It carries out drug consultation, pharmaceutical consultation, prescription evaluation, medication training, publication of Hospital Drug Information and other clinical pharmaceutical work focusing on rational clinical medication.At the same time, it is responsible for the national antimicrobial clinical application monitoring and adverse drug reaction monitoring, etc., to provide hospitals with basic data and evaluation indicators for rational medication to ensure that patients can use drugs safely, effectively, and economically.

The Department of Pharmacy provides 24-hour services in order to meet clinical needs. For the purpose of 'Providing Quality Pharmaceutical Services for Patients', with full enthusiasm and quality services, it provides services for clinical applications and patients to satisfy patients and reassure the public.

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