Introduction of Sanya City womenfolk & Infant Health Care Hospital

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Introduction of Sanya City womenfolk & Infant Health Care Hospital

(Sanya City A Womenfolk A Children’s Hospital)


(Sanya City A Womenfolk A Children’s Hospital)is a municipal non-profit medical care organization with public health nature organized by Sanya City Government. It undertakes public health functions such as medical treatment, prevention, health care, health education, and rehabilitation for women and children in Sanya City. It is the city's maternal and child health care guidance unit.

The predecessor of Sanya City womenfolk & Infant Health Care Hospital was the Ya County Maternal and Child Health Station. It was founded in 1952, and was renamed Sanya City Maternal and Child Health Center in 1984. In 1995, it was upgraded to a prefecture-level Maternal and Child Health HospitalIn 2007, it increased two brands of “Sanya City A Womenfolk A Children’s Hospital” and “Teaching Hospital of Hainan Medical College”. The Sanya Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Sanya Municipal People’s Government attach great importance to the construction and development of Sanya City womenfolk & Infant Health Care Hospital(Sanya City A Womenfolk A Children’s Hospital). Its“overall relocation” construction project was put on the important agenda of the list by the municipal committee and the government. The hospital's “overall relocation” construction project was successfully completed with the enthusiastic care and vigorous support of the municipal party committee and government, and was fully opened on January 26, 2019. The hospital covers an area of 46.7 acres and a construction area of 99,500 m2. There are 671 cadres and employees, 565 health technicians, including 61 senior titles and 106 intermediate titles. The hospital consists of 26 functional departments, 18 clinical health departments, 6 technical departments and 500 open beds. It is the only prefecture-level maternity and child care hospital in our city that integrates medical treatment, health care, teaching and scientific research. It is a non-profit three-level maternity and child health care medical institution approved by the Hainan Provincial Health Commission and a designated medical institution for Sanya urban employees’ basic medical insurance, urban residents’ basic medical insurance, and new rural cooperative medical care.

Sanya City womenfolk & Infant Health Care Hospital is a Hainan Provincial Critical Maternal Treatment Center, Hainan Provincial Critical Care Center for Children, Hainan Provincial Children’s Hearing Impairment Rehabilitation Diagnosis and Treatment Medical Center, Sanya City Congenital Heart Disease Screening and Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Newborn Birth Malformation Diagnosis and treatment center, Sanya City breast inflammation diagnosis and treatment center, Sanya City cervical lesion diagnosis and treatment center and Sanya City prenatal screening center.

The hospital is located in Jiyang District, Sanya City, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. After more than half a century of hard work, the hospital’s hardware and software facilities have been continuously improved and the scale has continued to expand. Now it has a batch of advanced specialist equipments and facilities, including imported CT, MRI, digital gastrointestinal machine, 4D color Doppler ultrasound, optoelectronic colposcopy, laparoscope, hysteroscope, fully digital breast Molybdenum target X-ray machine, fetal monitoring system, fetal fibronectin measuring instrument, preterm infant fundus screening instrument, neonatal hearing instrument, vision screening instrument, pediatric ventilator, children's intelligence measuring instrument, automatic immunoluminescence analyzer , a full-automatic biochemical analyzer, trace element analyzer, cervical liquid crystal cytology detection, computer, multimedia teaching equipments and so on.

The obstetrics department of the hospital is a provincial and municipal key specialty, and the neonatal department is a municipal key specialty. Obstetrics took the lead in Sanya city to carry out painless delivery, one-to-one doula accompanied delivery, free posture delivery, and accurate childbirth while it is responsible for the perinatal health care, eugenics and birth control, birth defects prevention and control of the city. It has the ability to rescue various obstetric emergency critical illnesses. Gynecology can carry out laparoscopic and hysteroscopy gynecological minimally invasive surgery. The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology provides special health clinics for menopause, adolescence, pelvic floor rehabilitation, nutrition, and psychological counseling. Departments such as pediatrics, neonatology and paediatrics not only take care of the city’s children’s health, but also have NICU and PICU wards, which have the technical ability to diagnose, treat and rescue critically ill children. The Department of Pediatrics has set up a special department for children’s respiratory asthma and pediatric Chinese medicine, and also carried out bronchoscopic alveolar lavage to diagnose and treat digestive system diseases using pediatric digestive endoscopy. Pediatric surgery can carry out pediatric general surgery, pediatric orthopedics, and delivery room surgery. At the same time, the hospital also carries out special services for maternal and child health care such as pregnant women’s schools, pregnant women’s gymnastics, pregnant women’s nutrition guidance, eugenic counseling guidance, prenatal screening, neonatal disease screening, early education, sensory integration training, infant and young child feeding guidance, early childhood education, breast and cervical disease screening, Pre-marital medical examination and so on.

The hospital has also achieved excellent results for many consecutive years, and has been awarded the national “Baby Friendly Hospital”, the “National Advanced women collective”, the advanced unit for the promotion of Chinese women and children‘s health, the “Special contribution unit” for the 60 years of the founding of the Chinese women and children's health, “The Best Model Hospital in the country ”advanced group for maternal and child health services, the most beautiful advanced group for maternal and child angels at the grassroots level, advanced units for “Maternal and child health care work” and “Advanced units for implementing two outlines and two regulations” at the provincial and municipal levels, and national, provincial and municipal “Contributions to women ” advanced units, Hainan Province “Health education” advanced unit, Sanya City “Civilized industry”, “Sanitation work” and “Spiritual civilization” advanced units and other honorary titles.

The leadership team of our hospital is pragmatic and truth-seeking, united and working hard, leading the staff of the hospital to pursue the service tenet of “protecting the physical and mental health of women and children” and the service concept of “health department, life care, remember the mission, sacred duty”. For the purpose of “Focus on health care and reproductive health”, combining health care and clinical, we insist on the working policy of "taking health care as the center, ensuring reproductive health as the purpose, combining health care with clinical work, facing the group, facing the grass-roots level and focusing on prevention". Actively carry out specialty services, carefully build excellent service brands, and have been fully sublimated in maternal and child health care, clinical medical care, scientific management and civilization construction. The hospital has also actively carried out scientific research work, and has been awarded provincial and municipal key scientific research in the past two years. 12 projects have been approved, and more than 50 academic papers have been published in international, national and provincial medical journals.

In addition, in order to speed up the comprehensive reform of the hospital, under the leadership of the municipal government and the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission. In November 2017, our hospital and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center which is affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine established a comprehensive trusteeship collaboration medical model, crown the name “Sanya City A Womenfolk A Children’s Hospital of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine”. We will achieve a significant improvement in our hospital’s service capacity and efficiency through the sinking of medical and health resources such as talents from Shanghai Children’s Medical Center.

Caring for the physical and mental health of women and children is the eternal theme of Sanya City womenfolk & Infant Health Care Hospital(Sanya City A Womenfolk A Children’s Hospital). The whole medical staff in our hospital, whether in the past, present or future, will serve the women and children with full work enthusiasm and superb medical technology.




Sanya City womenfolk  Infant Health Care Hospital

Sanya City A Womenfolk A Children’s Hospital

May 2020


三亚市妇幼保健院前身是崖县妇幼保健站,始建于1952年,1984年更名为三亚市妇幼保健所,1995年升格为地级市妇幼保健院,2007年加挂“三亚市妇女儿童医院”和“海南医学院教学医院”牌子。中共三亚市委、三亚市人民政府对三亚市妇幼保健院、三亚市妇女儿童医院的建设和发展高度重视。三亚市妇幼保健院、三亚市妇女儿童医院的“整体搬迁”建设项目被提上市委、市政府重要议事日程。医院“整体搬迁”建设项目在市委、市政府的热情关心和大力支持下顺利建成,于2019年1月26日全面开业。医院占地面积46.7亩 ,建筑面积9.95万m2 ;现有干部职工671人,卫生技术人员565人,其中高级职称61人,中级职称106人;设置职能科室26个,临床保健科室18个,医技科室6个;开放床位500张。是我市唯一一所集医疗、保健、教学、科研为一体的地级市妇幼保健院。是海南省卫生健康委批准的非盈利性三级妇幼保健医疗机构和三亚市城镇职工基本医疗保险、城镇居民基本医疗保险、新型农村合作医疗定点医疗机构。








三亚市妇幼保健院  三亚市妇幼儿童医院


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