Li Liqin



Li Liqin, associate chief physician, bachelor degree, member of the Communist Party of China. He is currently a member of the Pediatric Digestive Minimally Invasive Group of the Committee on Maternal and Child Minimally Invasive Surgery of China Maternal and Child Health Association, a member of Chinese Women and Children Gastrointestinal Disease and Health Group, a standing member of the Digestive Endoscopy Branch of Henan Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Society and a standing member of the Society of Microecology of Henan Preventive Medical Association, a standing member of the Committee on Digestive System Disease Prevention and Control of Henan Association for the Promotion of National Health. In 2001, he took the lead in the province to carry out pediatric endoscopic examination and various endoscopic treatments. He has the experience in more than 10,000 successful examinations and treatments. He has ever conducted gastrointestinal endoscopy examination and treatment of children as young as one month. He has obtained the professional certificates of digestive endoscopy ESD issued by Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) and Asia-Pacific Society for Digestive Endoscopy (A-PSDE). Moreover, he has been engaged in scientific research and clinical work for 25 years, and has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the digestive system in children.

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