Zhou Hongyan



Zhou Hongyan, female, born in 1968, 53 years old, graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Shenyang Medical Collegein 1992. After graduation, she worked at the Department of Pediatrics of Xinmin City Hospital, Shenyang for 6 years, Panshan County People's Hospital, Panjin for 13 years and Sanya Maternity and Child Care Hospital for 10 years. She has taken courses in Shenyang Medical University and Dalian Medical University for further study and has participated in the Ventilator Training Class of Hunan Children's Hospital, Shanghai Hyperbaric Oxygen Training Class, and the Genetic Metabolism and Gene Training Class of KingMed Diagnostics.She has rich clinical experience in the common diseases, frequent diseases and critical diseases of newborns, respiratory medicine, and digestive medicine.In addition, she has published more than 10 papers.

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