Hong Ri




Hong Ri, male, associate professor, deputy chief physician, medical doctor, director of the breast department, secretary of the Party Branch of obstetrics and gynecology department. He graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a bachelor's degree and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese medicine with a doctor's degree.He studied under the national intangible cultural heritage "Gu s family" surgical descendants Professor Lu Deming and Professor Chen Hongfeng, and is the sixth generation of "Gu s family" surgical descendants.

He mainly specializes in various cosmetic operations for benign and malignant breast diseases such as granulomatous mastitis, plasma cell mastitis, multiple fibroadenoma,multiple cysts, intraductal papillomatosis, nipple hemorrhage, breast cancer and other Minimally invasive surgery; good at stage I and II reconstruction of breast cancer,traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and prevention of cancer in various stages of breast cancer,especially early prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for acute and chronic mastitis, breast hyperplasia, breast cancer precancerous lesions Psychological care has been studied in depth. Use traditional Chinese medicine orally and externally to treat refractory sores such as carbuncle, bed sore, diabetic foot and so on.

He has presided over or participated in 4 national-level projects, 6 provincial and ministerial-level projects, and 11 municipal-level and bureau-level projects. Published more than 30 articles, of which 4 were included in SCI, and 2 were written by deputy editors. His social part-time job: Member of the Chinese medicine surgery branch of the Chinese Medical Association, director of the secondary workstation of "Gu's surgery" of the National Academic School of traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance studio, standing member of the surgical Professional Committee of the Hainan society of traditional Chinese medicine, standing member of the Chinese Medicine Working Committee of the general hospital of the Hainan society of traditional Chinese medicine, standing member of the Youth Committee of the breast cancer Professional Committee of the Hainan anti cancer association, and medical science of Hainan Province He is a member of the surgical Committee of the association, a member of the tumor Committee of the Medical Association of Hainan Province, a director of the Cancer Society of Hainan Province and a director of the Cancer Society of Sanya City.