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The Neonatal Department, founded in November 1999, is an advantageous specialty the hospital focuses on and also a key clinical specialty in Sanya.The Department adopts laminar flow wards and it has 52 beds (including NICU12) at present.It has neonatal ICU, ordinary child patient care unit, premature infant care unit, infection care unit, blue light treatment room, milk dispensing room, and bath touch room, etc., which form a more complete neonatal diagnosis and treatment system.The Department has a high-quality medical professional and technical team with strong technology and reasonable talent echelon structure. It has 47 medical personnel, among whom, there are 2 chief physicians, 1 attending physician, 8 resident physicians,5 nurses-in charge, 10 nurse practitioners, and 20 nurses.

At present, the Department has advanced equipment such as imported high-grade infant incubator, high-grade infant incubator, blue light  incubator, far infrared infant radiation table, multi-parameter monitor, imported oxygen saturation monitor, Drager special newborn and premature infant ventilator (with high frequency oscillation), Rayto micro blood gas analyzer, transcutaneous jaundice tester, air oxygen mixer, brain function monitor, and so on.

In recent years, through the continuous introduction of talents and the purchase of new equipment, the Department has continuously improved its technical level, and has established a scientific and standardized diagnosis and treatment system for neonatal diseases.In terms of technical service, the Department has adopted umbilical vein catheterization, PICC catheterization, neonatal blood exchange, ventilator use and other advanced life support technologies. Its staff has rich experience in and makes excellent achievements in the treatment and nursing of neonatal patients after surgery with such diseases as NRDS, DIC, severe pneumonia, severe neonatal asphyxia, multiple-organ function damage, hyperbilirubinemia, bilirubin encephalopathy, neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage, NEC,  septic shock, obstinate hypoglycemia, pulmonary hypertension, meconium aspiration syndrome, congenital esophageal atresia, tracheoesophageal fistula, and anal atresia, etc.

In recent years, the Department has accumulated a lot of experience in the treatment of premature infants. For example, in the treatment of high-risk children and precious children, the department successfully rescued a low-weight newborn with the lowest weight of only 960 g.The department has a systematic plan for the treatment and management of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury and severe ventricular tachycardia.

The Department takes the lead in the whole city to carry out the comprehensive work of neonatal doctors involved in the delivery room rescue, neonatal doctors to make the rounds of obstetrical wards, so that the critical and severe children can receive timely and effective identification and treatment, greatly reducing the death and incidence of perinatal children.Since the Hospital cooperated with Shanghai Children's Medical Center in October 2017, the Department has made full use of Shanghai's superior medical resources to carry out remote consultation for critical and difficult children at any time, so that more critically ill children can get high-quality medical technical services even if they are in Hainan.At the same time, for the purpose of reducing neonatal mortality, minimizing neonatal disability rate and improving the survival and quality of life of children, the Department carries out longitudinal management of high-risk children discharged from hospital, sets up high-risk children clinic in conjunction with the Department of Child Care, establishes high-risk children follow-up system, makes early intervention for each child, and provides a full range of services for them.At ordinary times, with the help of the working platform for maternal and child health in Sanya, the Department establishes a good cooperative relationship with the township hospitals in the whole city, and accepts the critically ill children delivered in the townships, providing a strong backing for the treatment of the critically ill newborns in the city.

Our medical staff will adhere to the concept of humanized service and strive to improve the professional skills to protect the healthy growth of new lives.

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