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The Women Health Care Department is a health care department focusing on group health care, combining health care and clinical application, putting prevention first and integrating prevention and treatment. It undertakes the general screening and general treatment of the female workers' diseases of Sanya City and the group health care of the national two-cancer screening project.At present, there are 17 personnel in the Department, of whom, 4 have senior titles (including 1 retired expert), 4 have intermediate titles, and 9 have junior titles.In terms of education, there is 1 doctor, 2 masters, 5 undergraduates, 7 with associate college education, and 2 with technical secondary school education.This is a high-quality medical and health care professional and technical team with strong technical capability and reasonable talent echelon structure.

The Department has the Pre-marital Examination and Pre-pregnancy Eugenics Clinic, the 42-day Postpartum Visit Clinic, the Perinatal Nutrition Clinic, the Weight Management Clicnic, the Gestational Diabetes Management Clinic, the Adolescent Health Care Clinic, the Menopause Health Care Clinic, the Women's Mental Health Clinic, and the Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Treatment Center.In order to better serve patients, the Department also sets up a featured TCM gynecological clinic and provides maternal yoga services.

The Gestational Diabetes Management Clinic is a featured clinic of the Hospital.The Diabetes One-day Clinic is different from the traditional model. It is a health education method through centralized round table teaching, drawing, and food mold demonstration combining the personal experience of the diet of 1800-2000 calorie/day.GDM pregnant women can participate the activities at Diabetes One-day Clinic of the Hospital and enjoy a relaxed teaching and simulated living environment.The Department has carried out standardized screening and nutrition management of gestational diabetes mellitus for 8 years, and has created better economic and brand benefits in Sanya and the urban areas around it. Through the centralized education and individualized management program of 3 one-day classes a week, the patients with gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy are managed in standardized manner and may receive postpartum follow-up management services.This greatly reduces the birth rate of giant infants and infant of low-birth weight in the Hospital and protects the quality of obstetrics.

The Adolescent Health Care Clinic provides physical health care guidance, psychological assessment and guidance for adolescent women, and carries out prevention and treatment of common diseases in adolescence.It provides humane, quality, cordial and confidential reproductive health services to meet the special needs of adolescent girls.

The Menopause Health Care Clinic provides one-stop health care services for menopausal women in common disease prevention and treatment, HRT, exercise, nutrition, and psychology, etc.Every year, the Department holds many lectures on women's menopausal health care and women's reproductive health at CPC district committees and relevant units of Sanya in cooperation with the Municipal Women's Federation and the Health Education Section of the Hospital. According to the physiological characteristics of menopausal women, the evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor disorders are carried out as well.

The Pelvic Floor Evaluation and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Treatment Center provides the women at childbearing age, 42-day postpartum women and menopausal women with pelvic floor function electromyographic evaluation, pelvic floor dysfunction diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment.In 2020, the Department purchased 5 imported postpartum rehabilitation evaluation and treatment instrumentsto provide better quality and multi-level pelvic floor rehabilitation health care services.

The Women's Mental Health Clinic provides psychological assessment, psychological counseling and intervention for pre-pregnancy, maternal and adolescent, menopausal women; and also provides referral and follow-up services for the women with severe psychological problems.

Maternity Yoga: providing guidance on pregnancy and childbirth yoga and related sports.It provides psychological, emotional and mental multi-level help for pregnant women to spend the pregnancy easily and complete postpartum body repair.

At present, the TCM Gynecological Clinic mainly comprehensively applies traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture technology. Its skills of acupuncture include acupuncture, wheat grain moxibustion, thunder fire moxibustion, five-element acupuncture, catgut implantation at acupoint to lose weight, cupping, scraping and fire needle, highlighting the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine. In the new biological-psychological-social medicine model, it exerts the characteristic advantage of traditional Chinese medicine. Through the synchronized tuning of body and mind, it realizes the unique therapeutic effect on common clinical diseases and some difficult and complicated diseases in women.

Our service philosophy: care for the physical and mental health of women and protect women in their whole life!Consulting Tel. of Women Health Care Department: 88023925

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