Central Sterile Supply Department

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The CSSD is the key department reflecting the comprehensive strength of a hospital, an important department to prevent and control nosocomial infection and ensure the safety of patients seeking medical treatment, and also an important cornerstone for the existence and development of a hospital.The predecessor of the CSSD is the Sterile Supply Room established in 1992 of Sanya Maternal and Child Health Hospital.The Sterile Supply Room was an auxiliary department set up to effectively control nosocomial infection. After years of continuous development, it gradually transformed into the modern and fine centralized management mode. January 2019, the Sterile Supply Room after entering the new impatient building was officially renamed CSSD.

At present, CSSD covers an area of more than 2,000 m2 and it has the whole-process integrated air laminar purification equipment and facilities. Moreover, it has 14 personnel, including 4 nurses in-charge,1 nurse practitioner,1 nurse, 3 senior disinfectors, and 5 technical workers; among them, 6 persons have undergone regular training and obtained special equipment operator certificates. This is a young and experienced professional team with reasonable knowledge structure.

Currently, the CSSD has 2 multi-function cleaning workstations,1 manual cleaning workstation, 3 single-cabin automatic cleaning and disinfecting machines,1 multi-cabin automatic cleaning and disinfecting machine, 1 ultrasonic cleaning machine, 1 boiling tank, 1 rust-removing pot, 3 dryers, 3 sealing machines, 2 cutting machines, 1 washing-dewatering machine, 2 high-pressure autoclaves,1 ethylene oxide low-temperature sterilizer, 1 hydrogen peroxide low-temperature plasma sterilizer, 1 hydrogen peroxide biological monitor, 1 3M extreme high-temperature sterilization biological monitor, 1 ethylene oxide fast biological monitor, 1 ATP biological fluorescence detector, 1 residual protein detector. In addition, it also has disinfection traceability information system, transmission logistics track, and so on.

In order to ensure the safety of sterile items, the CSSD has formulated more perfect quality management standards and strict monitoring rules and regulations, and it standardizes and reorganizes the work flow of the machinery package in the outpatient and clinical departments of the Hospital, and carries out centralized management all over the departments of the Hospital, in order to achieve normative and standardized management in the Hospital.For the purpose of facilitating business training, the CSSD makes plots and spectrums itself and makes efforts to control the quality in every link of the process of "recovery -> classification -> cleaning -> disinfection -> drying -> inspection -> packaging -> sterilization -> distribution" to ensure the 100% pass rate of disinfection and sterilization.In recent years, the personnel of the CSSD have also actively carried out scientific research activities according to local conditions, have published many scientific and technological papers, and have completed one national utility model patent with patent certificate.

We will adhere to the advanced concept of "patient-centered and quality-focused", and strive to provide safer, more quality, efficient, and satisfactory services for the clinical departments.

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